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SwRI’s Space Science and Engineering Division is a leader in space physics research. Faculty members have served as PI and Co-I for numerous NASA and ESA flight instruments and missions with involvement on IMAGE, New Horizons, ACE, Ulysses, STEREO, TWINS, SWIFT, TRICE-2, IBEX, MMS, Van Allen Probes, Cassini, GREECE, Juno, Rosetta, and LRO along with future missions such as Solar Probe Plus, Solar Orbiter, JUICE, BepiColumbo, Europa Mission, and cubesat missions such as CeREs and CuSPP+.

SwRI has campuses around the world, with its headquarters in San Antonio, TX. With over 3,000 employees, SwRI is a world-renowned institution benefiting government, industry, and the public through innovative science and technology.

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