Graduate Program in Physics with Specialization in Space Physics and Instrumentation



Tracy Becker


Tracy Becker Education: B.S. Astrophysics, Lehigh University 2010 Ph.D. Physics – Planetary Science Track, University of Central Florida, 2016 Research Areas: Co-Investigator and Composition Working Group lead for the Europa Clipper mission Composition of planetary surfaces including asteroids and icy moons Ultraviolet observations using the Hubble Space Telescope Studies of Saturn’s rings using data from the Cassini mission Computational modeling of asteroids using Arecibo planetary radar data Website:

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Jake Montgomery


Jake Montgomery Education: B.S. Physics, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2019 Research Interest: characteristics of magnetic reconnection at Jupiter’s dawn magnetopause Fun Facts: I was born with 6 toes on one foot I played baseball for 14 years

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Jared Schroeder


Jared Schroeder Education: B.S. Physics, Eastern Illinois University, 2020 Research Interests: Asteroids/Comets, Planetary Science, Exoplanets

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Kylie Sullivan


Kylie Sullivan Education: BS in Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2020 Research Interests: Space weather Plasma environment analysis Fun Facts: I have produced 2 full length musicals (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Carrie). I have lived (briefly) in 2 other countries (England and Switzerland).

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Bereket Mamo


Education: B.A. in Biology; minors in Physics and Math, Augustana University, 2016 M.Sc. in Physics, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2020 Research Interests: Spectrophotometry of planetary surfaces Fun Fact: Formula 1 enthusiast

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Gregory Kayl


Education: BS Physics minor in astronomy at UTSA in 2020 Research Interest: Solar and Stellar Physics Fun Facts: I like to code, read, and play basketball. I also enjoy outdoor activities and other sports.

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Jephthah O. Akene


Jephthah Akene Education: B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Class of 2017 Research Interest: Ultraviolet and Infrared detectors for spacecraft systems. Gas- Surface interactions at airless bodies In-situ resource utilization methods for the potential colonization of our moon, mars and habitable planets yet to be discovered. Publications: A solid-state, open-system, differential calorimeter. Fun Facts: I develop blockchain smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. Currently developing cross chain communication protocols between Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. I write educational blogs on all things blockchain

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David Gomez


Education: B.A. in Astronomy and Physics (it's one degree) from Boston University, graduated Spring 2019 Research interests: Planetary Atmospheres, Evolution, and Formation Fun Facts: Amateur Jazz Pianist I've built lots of things out of wood from scratch

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Michael Velez


Michael Velez Education: Cornell University 2019 B.A. Physics w/ Concentration in Astronomy Minor in Computer Science Research Interest: Planetary Science Exoplanets Thesis Advisor: Kurt Retherford Fun Fact: Avid Sports Fan

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