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Cynthia Froning


Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin M.S. Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin Email: Cynthia.Froning@swri.edu Phone: 210-522-2929 Research Areas: Space- and ground-based astronomical detectors and instrumentation Exoplanet host star properties and impact on habitability Interacting binary stars and accretion physics Publication library: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/public-libraries/a9k79Q4oSEefGGAqzt-shQ

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Prachi Pathare


Undergraduate Degree: BSc. Physics & MSc. Physics Research Interests: Heliospheric Physics Fun Facts: I was featured in an Instagram reel that garnered 1.3 million views. Dissertation Advisor: Mihir Desai

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Blaise Veres


Blaise Veres Undergraduate degree: B.S. Physics, minor in Mathematics, Gettysburg College 2022 Research Interests: Planetary Science Fun Facts: Juggling is one of my biggest hobbies; the most I can juggle is 5 balls. I am fascinated by philosophy, history/philosophy of science, religion, and music/musicology. I love playing racket sports; especially badminton, table tennis, and pickleball. Contact me if you want to play! Dissertation Advisor: Kurt Retherford

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Simon Mendenhall


Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Physics, University of South Florida, 2021 Research Interests: Planetary atmospheres, UV/IR spectroscopy, exoplanets, climate Fun Facts: I enjoy learning languages, hiking, and calligraphy.  

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Abdullah Shmies


Education: B.S degree in General Physics, Lebanese University, 2011 Masters (M1) in Fundamental Physics, Lebanese University, 2013 Teaching Diploma, Physics, Lebanese University, 2018 Research Interests: Heliospheric Physics Physical processes affecting Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events and Ground Level Enhancements (GLEs) Fun Fact(s): I'm fond of the saying: "How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest for a while" Dissertation Advisor: Maher Dayeh

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Heechan Cha


Education: B.S. Astronomy and Space Science, Chungbuk National University, South Korea, 2019 Research Interests: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling through in-situ particle measurement Fun Fact(s): I love traveling! Dissertation Advisor: Keiichi Ogasawara

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Elena Dolgas


Thesis Title: Spectral and Mineralogical Analysis of Planned CLPS Landing Sites with LRO-LAMP Thesis Advisor: Kurt Retherford Graduation Date: Summer 2023 Current Position: Pursuing Doctoral Degree at University of Central Florida; Physics PhD – Planetary Science Track Research Interests: Lunar surface geology, spectroscopy, landers and rovers

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Aaron Deleon


Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Physics with minor in Astronomy/Astrophysics from UTSA 2020 Research interests: Currently working on asteroid modeling with Dr. Becker. Very interested in planetary science. Still figuring out my specific interests! Fun facts: I have backpacked through the Chisos mountains in Big Bend National Park twice! Avid reader of sci-fi and comics. Advisor: Tracy Becker

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Stacy Godshall


Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam Title: Lunar Crossing of the MagnetotailAdvisor: Mihir DesaiFellowships and Recognitions:Selected to be the 1st Program Director for the Space and Missile Defense Program in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering at The United States Military Academy; created and initiated its Space Science major and Space Science minor (2015-2018)Selected by the US Army’s Advanced Civilian Schooling program to pursue a 2nd MS in Space Systems Engineering (2018-2020) and a PhD in Systems Engineering (2018-present)Selected by the US Army Space Operations program to become the only military faculty member in the Space Systems Academic Group at the Naval [...]

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Keiichi Ogasawara


Education: Ph.D., Space Plasma Physics, University of Tokyo, 2006 M.S. Space Science and Physics, University of Tokyo, 2003 B.S. Geophysics, University of Tokyo, 2001 Email: kogasawara@swri.edu Phone: 210-522-2956 Professional Links: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=rpMJJ30AAAAJ Missions: IMAP Solar Orbiter IBEX Research Areas: Dr. Ogasawara is a principal Scientist at the Southwest Research Institute. His areas of expertise include: (1) Nonthermal distribution functions of space plasma, (2) Solar wind suprathermal particles, (3) Planetary neutrons and γ-rays, (4) Interaction of solar wind and planetary magnetosphere, (5) Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling through in-situ particle measurement, (6) Plasma and dust interaction in the heliosheath, (7) Solid material and charged particle interaction, (8) [...]

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