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Blaise Veres


Blaise Veres Undergraduate degree: B.S. Physics, minor in Mathematics, Gettysburg College 2022 Research Interests: Planetary Science Fun Facts: Juggling is one of my biggest hobbies; the most I can juggle is 5 balls. I am fascinated by philosophy, history/philosophy of science, religion, and music/musicology. I love playing racket sports; especially badminton, table tennis, and pickleball. Contact me if you want to play! Dissertation Advisor: Kurt Retherford

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Simon Mendenhall


Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Physics, University of South Florida, 2021 Research Interests: Planetary atmospheres, UV/IR spectroscopy, exoplanets, climate Fun Facts: I enjoy learning languages, hiking, and calligraphy.  

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Abdullah Shmies


Education: B.S degree in General Physics, 2011 Research Interests: Heliospheric Physics Fun Fact(s): I love nature Dissertation Advisor: Maher Dayeh

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Heechan Cha


Education: B.S. Astronomy and Space Science, Chungbuk National University, South Korea, 2019 Research Interests: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling through in-situ particle measurement Fun Fact(s): I love traveling! Dissertation Advisor: Keiichi Ogasawara

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Elena Dolgas


Thesis Title: Spectral and Mineralogical Analysis of Planned CLPS Landing Sites with LRO-LAMP Thesis Advisor: Kurt Retherford Graduation Date: Summer 2023 Current Position: Pursuing Doctoral Degree at University of Central Florida; Physics PhD – Planetary Science Track Research Interests: Lunar surface geology, spectroscopy, landers and rovers

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Aaron Deleon


Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Physics with minor in Astronomy/Astrophysics from UTSA 2020 Research interests: Currently working on asteroid modeling with Dr. Becker. Very interested in planetary science. Still figuring out my specific interests! Fun facts: I have backpacked through the Chisos mountains in Big Bend National Park twice! Avid reader of sci-fi and comics. Advisor: Tracy Becker

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Stacy Godshall


Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam Title: Lunar Crossing of the MagnetotailAdvisor: Mihir DesaiFellowships and Recognitions:Selected to be the 1st Program Director for the Space and Missile Defense Program in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering at The United States Military Academy; created and initiated its Space Science major and Space Science minor (2015-2018)Selected by the US Army’s Advanced Civilian Schooling program to pursue a 2nd MS in Space Systems Engineering (2018-2020) and a PhD in Systems Engineering (2018-present)Selected by the US Army Space Operations program to become the only military faculty member in the Space Systems Academic Group at the Naval [...]

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Keiichi Ogasawara


Education: Ph.D., Space Plasma Physics, University of Tokyo, 2006 M.S. Space Science and Physics, University of Tokyo, 2003 B.S. Geophysics, University of Tokyo, 2001 Email: kogasawara@swri.edu Phone: 210-522-2956 Professional Links: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=rpMJJ30AAAAJ Missions: IMAP Solar Orbiter IBEX Research Areas: Dr. Ogasawara is a principal Scientist at the Southwest Research Institute. His areas of expertise include: (1) Nonthermal distribution functions of space plasma, (2) Solar wind suprathermal particles, (3) Planetary neutrons and γ-rays, (4) Interaction of solar wind and planetary magnetosphere, (5) Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling through in-situ particle measurement, (6) Plasma and dust interaction in the heliosheath, (7) Solid material and charged particle interaction, (8) [...]

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Josh Alquiza


Josh Alquiza Research Advisor: Phil Valek Fellowships: UTSA Doctoral Fellowship Graduation Date: May 2010 Current Position: Northwest Vista College – Full-Time Physics Instructor Research Areas: Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Velocity Filters Space Weather Ring Current Composition Analysis (TWINS)

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Dinesh Kumar


Undergraduate Degree: M.Sc. (Hons) Physics B.E. (Hons) Electronics and Communications from BITS Pilani, 2019 Research Interests: Planetary Magnetosphere Planetary Lightning Payload Instrumentation Awards: Winner of People's Choice Award in the Three Minute Thesis Competition held at UTSA in Spring 2022. Winner of the prestigious "Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology" (FINESST-21) grant. Publications: V. R. Dinesh Kumar, Jayesh P. Pabari, Kinsuk Acharyya, C.T. Russell, "Venus lightning: Estimation of charge and dimensions of charge regions for lightning initiation", Icarus, Volume 365, 2021, 114473, ISSN 0019-1035 Fun Facts: I can speak 5 languages and I am currently learning 2 [...]

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