• New Horizons

    New Horizons made its historic flyby of Pluto to collect unprecedented data of the dwarf planet. The spacecraft is continuing on its path through the outer solar system, studying other Kuiper Belt Objects. Two of the instruments from New Horizons were built and led by SwRI.

  • MMS

    The Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission mission consists of four identical spacecraft that use the Earth's magnetosphere as a laboratory to study the microphysics of magnetic reconnection. SwRI not only leads the mission, but also contributed one of the instruments onboard.

  • Juno

    The Juno mission successfully entered its orbit around Jupiter! Juno will improve our understanding of the solar system's beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of Jupiter. Several instruments on Juno were built at and are led by SwRI.

  • IBEX

    The Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) mission science objective is to discover the nature of the interactions between the solar wind and the interstellar medium at the edge of our solar system. The design and development of IBEX was conducted by SwRI.

  • Laboratory Experiences

    Gain experience with instruments and detectors in many of the SwRI laboratories available for student research.

  • Swift

    Swift is a NASA mission dedicated to studying gamma-ray bursts occurring in distant galaxies throughout our universe.

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