General Description

  • 1680 ft2 general purpose humidity laboratory housing several small projects

Lab Capabilities

  • Space Ice (SPICE) Chamber (upper left): Studies ice surfaces during substrate exposure to ions, gasses, and volatiles
    • Small chamber for fast pumpdown (~10-7 Torr), temperature control to cryogenic levels, simple positioning system, Bruker Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) spectrometer
  • Polar Regolith Environment Molecular Impact Simulation Experiment (PREMISE) (upper right): Simulates volatile and gas trapping in regolith and cometary impacts
    • Manual rotary feedthrough, Kimbal Physics sample chamber (upper right inset), temperature control (-100° – 120° C), UV quartz viewport
  • Cave Mass Spectrometer (CMS) (lower left): Portable mass spectrometer for the in-situ measurement of cave atmospheres
  • Titan Ionosphere Experiment (TIE): Simulates the ion and neutral conditions in Titan’s upper atmosphere
    • Can pumpdown to 10-8 Torr, Reflectron Mass Spectrometer, RF controlled ion funnel and quadrupole guide, “Kingdon Trap” ion wire guide