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Natalie Hinkel


Natalie Hinkel - photo credit: ScottBall-TheRivardReport-July2019 Education: B.A. in Physics, minor in Math, at Oberlin College (2005) Ph.D. in Astrophysics at Arizona State University (2012) Email: natalie.hinkel@gmail.com Research Interests: Stellar abundance analysis for nearby main-sequence stars, including investigation of measurement techniques and methodologies. Study of the chemical interplay between exoplanets and their host stars Investigation of M-dwarf abundances, below and above (via balloon and satellite missions) the atmosphere, in order to classify their rocky planets Architect and maintainer of the Hypatia Catalog Database: www.hypatiacatalog.com Computational astrophysics and machine learning algorithms, specifically using Python Transit ephemeris refinement of [...]

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Todd Veach


Todd Veach Dr Veach has a PhD in Physics from Arizona State University. Dr. Veach is an astrophysicist specializing in the design, fabrication, and operation of laboratory, ground-based, balloon-borne, and spaceflight astronomical instruments. His research interests include UV/VIS/IR imaging and spectroscopy, FIR interferometry, cryogenics, astronomical detector development, star formation, supernovae, extra-solar planet formation and evolution, and cosmological structure formation. Dr. Veach has over 15 years’ experience with UV/VIS/IR imaging and spectroscopy, FIR interferometry, cryogenics, astronomical detector development, calibration, and cryogenic system design. Dr. Veach’s work has focused on the design of novel readout technology and characterization of [...]

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Pete Roming


Pete Roming Education: B.S. Physics, Brigham Young University M.S. Physics, Brigham Young University Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University Email: proming@swri.edu Phone: 210-522-3410 Research Areas: Space- and ground-based astronomical detectors and instrumentation Transient observations of gamma-ray bursts and core collapse supernovae High redshift cosmology with gamma-ray bursts Current Graduate Students: Thomas Lechner Sam Slocum Past Graduate Students: Janie de la Rosa

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