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Stacy Godshall


Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam Title: Lunar Crossing of the MagnetotailAdvisor: Mihir DesaiFellowships and Recognitions:Selected to be the 1st Program Director for the Space and Missile Defense Program in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering at The United States Military Academy; created and initiated its Space Science major and Space Science minor (2015-2018)Selected by the US Army’s Advanced Civilian Schooling program to pursue a 2nd MS in Space Systems Engineering (2018-2020) and a PhD in Systems Engineering (2018-present)Selected by the US Army Space Operations program to become the only military faculty member in the Space Systems Academic Group at the Naval [...]

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Josh Alquiza


Josh Alquiza Research Advisor: Phil Valek Fellowships: UTSA Doctoral Fellowship Graduation Date: May 2010 Current Position: Northwest Vista College – Full-Time Physics Instructor Research Areas: Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Velocity Filters Space Weather Ring Current Composition Analysis (TWINS)

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Rob Ebert


Robert Ebert Dissertation Title: Jupiter’s Magnetotail: Plasma Composition, Dusk Boundary Structure and Tail Motion Dissertation Advisor: David McComas Fellowships and Recognitions: Recognized by Who’s Who at UTSA and Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities (2009 – 2010). UTSA Presidential Dissertation Fellowship (2009). NASA Group Achievement Award - Ulysses Mission Team (2009). National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS-D2; 2008 – 2010). Graduation Date: Fall 2010 Publications: Google Scholar Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Southwest Research Institute Current Position: Southwest Research Institute – Principal Scientist & Lead Adjoint Professor for UTSA Space Physics [...]

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Mark Hamel


Mark Hamel Thesis Title: The affects on Titan atmospheric modeling by variable molecular reaction rates Thesis Advisor: Kathy Mandt Fellowships and Recognitions: Bill and Alicia Hoover Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Award, UTSA (2015) Vandenberg SFB, 2SLS Squadron Civilian of the Quarter, Fall 2020. Graduation Date: Summer 2017 Current Position: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Adjunct Professor Research Areas: Researched uncertainties in Titan atmospheric ion-neutral chemistry model and determined which reaction rates were most consequential to ion densities in the ionosphere and compared results to Cassini instrument data. Worked on IR&D team focused on protoplanetary chemistry and modeling of [...]

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Michael Starkey


Michael Starkey Dissertation Title: Ion Instrumentation for Space Physics Applications and Ion Dynamics at Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks Dissertation Advisor: Mihir Desai Fellowships and Recognitions: UTSA Graduate Student Competitive Scholarship  Graduation Date: Spring 2021 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Postdoctoral Researcher at Southwest Research Institute Research Areas: Heliosphysics Solarwind-Magnetosphere Interactions Collision Less Shocks

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Rhyan Sawyer


Rhyan Sawyer Education: B.S. Physics, Emporia State University, 2016 Research Interest: Magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause Global plasma dynamics at the earth and outer planets Fellowships and Recognitions: Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellow Thesis Advisor: Stephen Fuselier Candidacy: 2018

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Christine Ray


Christine Ray Dissertation Title: The Habitability of Ocean Worlds: A Chemical Systems PerspectiveDissertation Advisor: Hunter WaiteFellowships and Recognitions:Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellow, 2017- 2020Best Graduate Student Poster from UTSA College of Sciences Research Conference, 2018American Geophysical Union Outstanding Student Paper Award, 2017 Fall MeetingGraduation Date: Fall 2021Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Southwest Research InstituteCurrent Position: Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Southwest Research InstituteResearch Interest:Planetary Science, Icy moons, Astrobiology

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Lizeth Magana


Lizeth Magana Dissertation Title: Far-Ultraviolet Observations of Condensed Volatiles at the Lunar South Pole and the Pre-Perihelion Coma of Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) By LRO-LAMP Dissertation Advisor:  Kurt Retherford Fellowships and Recognitions: Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST), 2019-2021 Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellow, 2018- 2020 UTSA's 3 Minute Thesis, 3rd place, Spring 2018 Graduation Date: Fall 2021 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Current Position: Post-Doctoral Lunar Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Research Areas: Lunar investigations of condensed volatiles and regolith properties

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Thomas K. Kim


Thomas Kyoung-Ho Kim Dissertation Title: Ion Plasma Properties in Jupiter's Plasma Sheet: Juno JADE-I Observations Dissertation Advisor: Rob Ebert Fellowships and Recognitions: Best General Science Poster at the 2016 GEM Summer Workshop, Cassini Data Analysis Program (CDAP) 2020 Awardee Graduation Date: Fall 2019 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Space Science and Applications Group (ISR-1), Intelligence and Space Research Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory Current Position: Space Science and Applications Group (ISR-1), Intelligence and Space Research Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory – Staff Scientist  Research Areas:  Spectral Properties of Heliospheric ENAs Observed by Interstellar Boundary Explorer High Energy (IBEX-Hi) imager, Plasma [...]

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