UTSA-SwRI Space Physics
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Kristina Pritchard


Education: M.S. Physics, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2021 B.S. Physics, Missouri Southern State University, 2016 Currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Physics with emphasis on Space Physics planning to graduate in 2022. Dissertation Title: Electron Scale Magnetic Reconnection on Earth's Dayside using NASA's MMS mission - emphasis on the transport of energy and momentum from the solar wind into the magnetosphere, electric fields, and reconnection rates. Dissertation Advisor: Stephen Fuselier Research Interest: Magnetic Reconnection on the day side of Earth's Magnetopause Publications: Pritchard, K. R., Burch, J. L., Fuselier, S. A., Webster, J. M., Torbert, R. B., Argall, M. [...]

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Lizeth Magana


Lizeth Magana Dissertation Title: Far-Ultraviolet Observations of Condensed Volatiles at the Lunar South Pole and the Pre-Perihelion Coma of Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) By LRO-LAMP Dissertation Advisor:  Kurt Retherford Fellowships and Recognitions: Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST), 2019-2021 Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellow, 2018- 2020 UTSA's 3 Minute Thesis, 3rd place, Spring 2018 Graduation Date: Fall 2021 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Current Position: Staff Scientist Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Research Areas: Lunar investigations of condensed volatiles and regolith properties Titian geomorphology

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Thomas K. Kim


Thomas Kyoung-Ho Kim Dissertation Title: Ion Plasma Properties in Jupiter's Plasma Sheet: Juno JADE-I Observations Dissertation Advisor: Rob Ebert Fellowships and Recognitions: Best General Science Poster at the 2016 GEM Summer Workshop, Cassini Data Analysis Program (CDAP) 2020 Awardee Graduation Date: Fall 2019 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Space Science and Applications Group (ISR-1), Intelligence and Space Research Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory Current Position: Space Science and Applications Group (ISR-1), Intelligence and Space Research Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory – Staff Scientist  Research Areas:  Spectral Properties of Heliospheric ENAs Observed by Interstellar Boundary Explorer High Energy (IBEX-Hi) imager, Plasma [...]

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Joon Kim


Joon Kim Dissertation Title: Dynamics of the Low-Energy (E < 100 EV) Ions in the Earth’s Magnetosphere Dissertation Advisor: Jerry Goldstein Fellowships and Recognitions: Best Student Poster Award at 2022 GEM Workshop Graduate Date: Summer 2023 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Boston University Research Areas: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere (M-I-T) Coupling and the low-energy ions in the magnetosphere

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Don George


Don George Current Position: Southwest Research Institute – Staff Scientist in SwRI Space Sector, Space Research Division Current and Recent Activities: Dr. George is involved in Space Based Missions and Instrumentation: from concept to proposal thru development and deployment. Everything is fair game, from rocket instruments, to satellites, to Lunar instruments and more. Dr. George is currently Principal Investigator of the LACE II instrument package being developed for Artemis IV.  He is currently developing a Lunar Surface Observatory (LSO), with SwRI internal funding, and a Software Defined Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (ENABLE) under NASA DALI grant.  Combining these [...]

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Kevin Delano


Kevin Delano Dissertation Title: Investigations of Solar Wind Transport in Earth’s Magnetosphere and Coronal Hole Boundary Layers Using Plasma Composition Dissertation Advisor: Stephen Fuselier and Co-Advisor Heather Elliott Graduation Date: Fall 2021 Post-Doctoral Fellowship:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Research Interest and Areas: Magnetospheric Physics Heliospheric Physics Currently working on Solar Orbiter Observations

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Ashley Davis


Ashley Davis Education: BSc Physics, UT Austin 2009 and BSc Astronomy, UT Austin 2009 Research Interest: Planetary Astrophysics New Horizons Pluto Mission Fun Facts: Has all forms of synesthesia except taste, and uses it to paint.

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Elizabeth Czajka


Elizabeth Czajka Dissertation Title: Lunar Surface Studies: Multiwavelength Analysis and Methods Dissertation Advisor: Kurt Retherford Fellowship and Recognitions:  Texas Space Grant Fellow 2021-2022 AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award “LRO Investigations: LAMP Analysis of Aristarchus Crater" 2019 Graduation Date: Summer 2023 Current Position: Lecturer at Texas State University Research Interest: Planetary Science, Remote Sensing IR and UV Spectroscopy and Theory, Mineralogy and Petrology, Data Reduction and Image Analysis Methods

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Ben Byron


Ben Bryon Dissertation Title: Far-UV Investigation of Lunar Space Weathering and Regolith Surface Properties with LRO-LAMP Dissertation Advisor: Kurt Retherford Graduation Date: 2020 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Research Areas: The effects of space weathering and other surface processes/properties on the far-UV reflectance of the lunar regolith as observed by LRO LAMP. His current research involves investigating the thermophysical properties of the lunar surface with the Diviner Lunar Radiometer instrument onboard LRO. Professional Link: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Jenna Zink


Jenna Zink Thesis Title: Absolute Measurements of keV Electron Beams Thesis Advisor: Frederic Allegrini Current Position and Research Areas: Jenna is currently an Intern at Lewis-Burke Associates LLC, they are a full service lobbying and consulting firm specializing in advocacy for scientific research and higher education. She is interested in science communication,advocacy, and science policy.

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