Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam Title: Lunar Crossing of the Magnetotail

Advisor: Mihir Desai

Fellowships and Recognitions:

  • Selected to be the 1st Program Director for the Space and Missile Defense Program in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering at The United States Military Academy; created and initiated its Space Science major and Space Science minor (2015-2018)
  • Selected by the US Army’s Advanced Civilian Schooling program to pursue a 2nd MS in Space Systems Engineering (2018-2020) and a PhD in Systems Engineering (2018-present)
  • Selected by the US Army Space Operations program to become the only military faculty member in the Space Systems Academic Group at the Naval Postgraduate School (2021-present)
  • One of the 1st 40 Army personnel selected to transfer to the US Space Force in Fiscal Year 2021

Graduation Date: Spring 2009

Current Position: Stacy is currently a Lieutenant Colonel and a Senior-level US Army Space Operations Officer assigned as the Military Faculty member in the Space Systems Academic Group at the Naval Postgraduate School. He is teaching courses entitled: Space Technology and Applications; Space Communications Systems; Space Environment; Military Satellite Communications; and Military Applications of DoD and Commercial Space Systems. He is also a soon-to-be Space Operations Officer in the US Space Force with the transfer taking place sometime in October-December 2021.

Research Areas: Applying augmented value-based design for space systems engineering development of enterprise-level systems including satellite communications architecture. Additionally researching alternative, collaborative education models for space workforce development to meet the needs of, and challenges faced by, 21st century military space professionals.

Professional Links: