Thomas Kyoung-Ho Kim

Dissertation Title: Ion Plasma Properties in Jupiter’s Plasma Sheet: Juno JADE-I Observations

Dissertation Advisor: Rob Ebert

Fellowships and Recognitions: Best General Science Poster at the 2016 GEM Summer Workshop, Cassini Data Analysis Program (CDAP) 2020 Awardee

Graduation Date: Fall 2019

Current Position: Space Science and Applications Group (ISR-1), Intelligence and Space Research Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory – Post-Doctoral Research Associate

 Research Areas:  Spectral Properties of Heliospheric ENAs Observed by Interstellar Boundary Explorer High Energy (IBEX-Hi) imager, Plasma Properties of Individual Water Group Ions in Saturn’s Magnetosphere from Cassini CAPS Observations.

Professional Links: Google Scholar