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Joseph Westlake


Joseph Westlake Dissertation Title: Titan's upper atmospheric structure and ionospheric compositionDissertation Advisor: Hunter WaiteGraduation Date: Summer 2011Post-Doctoral Fellowship: John Hopkins University Applied Physics LaboratoryCurrent Position: John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory – Chief ScientistCurrent Position and Research Areas: He is a space physicist whose research focuses on understanding the planetary magnetospheres in our Solar System as well as understanding the structure and processes that produce the heliosphere, our local space environment. At APL, he has been responsible for the development of the low-energy plasma laboratory that is used to conduct plasma instrument calibrations and for various instrument development activities at APL [...]

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Sarah Vines


Sarah Vines Dissertation Title: Ion-scale characteristics and dynamics of dayside magnetopause reconnection exhausts: Effects of interplanetary magnetic field orientation Dissertation Advisor: Stephen Fuselier Graduation Date: Fall 2016 Current Position: John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory - Staff Scientist Fellowships and Recognitions: Texas Space Grant Consortium, 2015-2017 Research Areas: She is the Co-PI of the Active Magnetosphere and Planetary Electrodynamics Response Experiment (AMPERE) project and the lead of the Lunar Vertex mission’s Vector Magnetometer – Lander (VML) and Vector Magnetometer – Rover (VMR) suites. She is also a member of the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission’s Fluxgate Magnetometer (FGM) and Energetic Ion Spectrometer [...]

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Brent Randol


Brent Randol Dissertation Title: Measurements of solar wind and pick-up ions from new horizons/solar wind around Pluto Dissertation Advisor: David McComas Graduation Date: Summer 2012 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: NASA Current Position: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Research AST Research Areas: His main focus is understanding the acceleration of suprathermal particles in the solar wind. He also is involved with instrument and mission development at GSFC.

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George Nicolaou


George Nicolaou Thesis Title: Bulk properties of plasma ions in the deep Jovian magnetotail Thesis Advisor: David J. McComas Current Position and Research Areas: George is a postdoctoral researcher at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna, Sweden.

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David Mackler


David Mackler, PH.D. Dissertation Title: An Observational Study of the Relationship Between Precipitating Ions and ENAs Emerging from the Ion/Atmosphere Interaction Region Dissertation Advisor: Jörg-Micha Jahn Graduation Date: Spring 2014 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: The Florida Space Institute Research Areas: His research interests are varied but all focus around space science and space instrumentation design. He has done research in many areas including mesospheric / ionospheric / thermospheric / magnetospheric / heliospheric physics. His passion is NASA and the manned space program, which has been a constant driver throughout my endeavors. His current projects are on the following topics: [...]

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Kristie Llera


Kristie LLera Dissertation Title: Energetics of Near-Earth Particles: Energy Corrections in Observations and Measurement Dissertation Advisor: Jerry Goldstein Fellowships and Recognitions: MMS Early Career Grant Fellowship (2021) 32nd NASA Annual Planetary Science Summer School (PSSS) (2019) NASA/Texas Space Grant Consortium Fellow (2012-2015) SwRI/UTSA Joint Space Physics Fellowship (2011-2017) Graduation Date: Fall 2017 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Southwest Research Institute Current Position: Southwest Research Institute – Research Scientist Research Areas: Dr. LLera continues to research how the Sun's solar wind interacts with near-Earth and cometary environments.  Currently, studying magnetospheric boundaries around Earth (Magnetospheric MultiScale mission; FPI instrument) and ion-neutral interactions near comet 67P (Rosetta mission; [...]

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Roberto Livi


Roberto Livi Thesis Title: On Plasma Convection Around Saturn's Magnetosphere Thesis Advisor: Jerry Goldstein Current Position and Research Areas: Roberto is currently a postdoc at Space Science Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley. He is working on the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) where he is studying Mars' plasma environment and particle escape rate from the surface using the Suprathermal and Thermal Ion Composition instrument.

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Rachael Filwett


Dissertation Title: Measuring the Sources and Acceleration Mechanisms of Suprathermal Heavy Ions in Stream Interaction Regions Near 1 AU Dissertation Advisor: Mihir Desai Fellowships and Recognitions: University of Iowa Postdoctoral Excellence Award - 2021 National Science Foundation Atmosphere and Geospace Postdoctoral Research Fellow Graduation Date: Summer 2018 Post-Doctoral Fellowship: University of Iowa Current Position: Assistant Professor of Physics at Montana State University Research Areas: Rachael studies energetic particles, originating from the Sun, in both the interplanetary medium and planetary magnetospheres. She is particularly interested in the acceleration and transport of ions associated with solar transients such as coronal mass ejections [...]

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Guy Grubbs II


Guy Grubbs Dissertation Title: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling During Active Aurora Dissertation Advisor: Marilia Samara and Jörg-Micha Jahn Fellowships and Recognitions: NASA Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2019 Current Position: Southwest Research Institute - Research Engineer Research Areas: Currently leading development and firmware programming for instruments used to observe ions and electrons in the interstellar medium.

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Emmanuel Grotheer


Emmanuel Grotheer Thesis Title: HEMO - The Hermean Exosphere Model of Oxygen: A Comprehensive Model for Interpreting Data from the MESSENGER and BepiColombo Missions to Mercury Thesis Advisor: Stefano Livi Current Position and Research Areas: Emmanuel is currently at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. At ESTEC he is currently working on the Venus Express Atmospheric Drag Experiment and continues his research on expanding HEMO to other planetary bodies.

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