David Mackler, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: An Observational Study of the Relationship Between Precipitating Ions and ENAs Emerging from the Ion/Atmosphere Interaction Region

Dissertation Advisor: Jörg-Micha Jahn

Graduation Date: Spring 2014

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: The Florida Space Institute

Research Areas: His research interests are varied but all focus around space science and space instrumentation design. He has done research in many areas including mesospheric / ionospheric / thermospheric / magnetospheric / heliospheric physics. His passion is NASA and the manned space program, which has been a constant driver throughout my endeavors. His current projects are on the following topics:
1. A novel electrostatic analyzer concept to actively tune an ESA’s energy angle response.
2. Space weather climatology using over 50 years of OMNI data.
3. Energetic Neutral Atom spectroscopy over the declining phase of solar cycle 23.
4. Plasma turbulence and the influence of quasi perpendicular / parallel Interplanetary Magnetic Fields in Earth’s magnetosheath.
5. Plasma turbulence in Earth’s magnetotail.