Rachael Filwett

Dissertation Title: Measuring the Sources and Acceleration Mechanisms of Suprathermal Heavy Ions in Stream Interaction Regions Near 1 AU

Dissertation Advisor: Mihir Desai

Fellowships and Recognitions: Rachael is currently a National Science Foundation Atmosphere and Geospace Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Graduation Date: Summer 2018

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: University of Iowa

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Scholar and Adjunct Professor at the University of Iowa

Research Areas:  Rachael studies energetic particles, originating from the Sun, in many different areas of space. First, she examines solar energetic protons and their cutoff rigidities in the near equatorial magnetosphere. Rachael also continues to work on studying the acceleration and origins of suprathermal particles in interplanetary space. Finally, she works on developing novel techniques to make particle instruments smaller and more radiation tolerant in order to make scientific measurements in extreme environments at a lower price point.