Kristie LLera

Dissertation Title: Energetics of Near-Earth Particles: Energy Corrections in Observations and Measurement

Dissertation Advisor: Jerry Goldstein

Fellowships and Recognitions:

  • MMS Early Career Grant Fellowship (2021)
  • 32nd NASA Annual Planetary Science Summer School (PSSS) (2019)
  • NASA/Texas Space Grant Consortium Fellow (2012-2015)
  • SwRI/UTSA Joint Space Physics Fellowship (2011-2017)

Graduation Date: Fall 2017

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Southwest Research Institute

Current Position: Southwest Research Institute – Research Scientist

Research Areas: Dr. LLera continues to research how the Sun’s solar wind interacts with near-Earth and cometary environments.  Currently, studying magnetospheric boundaries around Earth (Magnetospheric MultiScale mission; FPI instrument) and ion-neutral interactions near comet 67P (Rosetta mission; IES instrument).