Robert C. Allen

Dissertation Title: Plasma sources and evolution in the global magnetosphere and wave generation in the outer magnetosphere

Dissertation Advisor: Stefano Livi

Fellowships and Recognitions:

  • 2019 NASA Silver Achievement Medal: Parker Solar Probe Team
  • 2018 NASA Group Achievement Award: Cassini Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument Team
  • 2020 – present: Instrument Scientist for the Suprathermal Ion Spectrograph (SIS) sensor on Solar Orbiter
  • 2021 – present: Associate Editor for Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences

 Graduation Date: Spring 2017

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Current Position: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory – Senior Professional Staff

Research Areas: Experience includes comprehensive studies of plasma origin and subsequent evolution and acceleration in the magnetospheres of Venus, Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn, investigations on EMIC wave generation and propagation in the Earth’s outer magnetosphere, particle acceleration in the solar wind, as well as space flight instrumentation/calibration and space mission design.