Kevin Genestreti

Thesis Title: Spatial characteristics of magnetotail reconnection

Thesis AdvisorStephen Fuselier and Jerry Goldstein

Current Position and Research Areas: After graduating, Kevin was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Space Science at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Graz, Austria. Kevin was awarded an open-ended institute grant, and his duties involve the publication of MMS science. Currently, Kevin is analyzing micro-scale energy transfer that occurs at the dayside boundary of the Earth’s magnetosphere, cold plasma interactions with the dayside reconnection site, and large-scale coupling between the inner magnetosphere and magnetotail reconnection site. Kevin’s research will shed light on how solar wind energy is transferred to into and throughout our geomagnetic space.

Due to the unique opportunity in the UTSA/SwRI program under Stephen Fuselier and Jerry Goldstein, Kevin was able to work on the MMS mission from the ground through the primary science phase in orbit. From this experience, Kevin will be spending the next two years starting his own research program, largely using MMS, in the idyllic institution in Graz, Austria.

Professional Links: Google Scholar