Jörg-Micha Jahn


  • M.S. Geophysics, Ludwig-Maximilians University, 1991
  • Ph.D. Physics, Dartmouth College, 1997

Email: jorg-micha.jahn@swri.org

Phone: 210-522-2491


  • Lunar Vertex
  • Van Allen Probes (formerly Radiation Belt Storm Probes)

Research Areas:

  • Global dynamics of thermal plasma and energetic particles in magnetospheric dynamics.
  • Solar-wind magnetosphere and magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere interactions.
  • Space weather
  • Ionospheric plasma irregularities and ionospheric HF propagation.
  • Data analysis of complex systems and data sets using statistical analysis and machine learning.
  • Development of compaction plasma ion composition instruments.

Instrument & Mission Experience:

  • Instrument lead for MAPS ion-electron spectrometer on Lunar Vertex
  • SwRI institutional instrument lead for HOPE ion-electron spectrometer on Van Allen Probes
  • IMAGE Participating Scientist and MENA instrument team member on IMAGE
  • Science team member on CEPPAD, CAMMICE, TIDE, and TIMAS instruments on POLAR mission
  • Team member and instrumenter on Guara and GREECE sounding rockets

Past Graduate Students: