Austin Egert

Thesis Title: Applications Of The Jupiter Global Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model: A Case Study of Auroral Electron Energy Deposition

Thesis Advisor: Hunter Waite

Fellowships and Recognitions:

  • 2021, Principal Investigator for an Internal Research and Development (IR&D) project: High-Latitude Ionospheric D-Region Improvements
  • 2021, Panelist for the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Program application review
  • 2019, Advisor to an undergraduate summer intern conducting computational data extraction
  • 2018 – present, Subject matter expert for ionogram scaling and feature identification
  • 2016 – present, Workforce morale booster inspiring laughter and pizza

Graduation Date: Fall 2016

Current Position: Space Dynamics Laboratory – Scientific Programmer (Scientist III)

Research Areas:

  • Over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) modeling
  • Terrestrial ionosphere modeling
  • Polar ionospheric D-region physics
  • Ionogram scaling and data assimilation
  • “Sun-to-mud” physics collaborative studies